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Just Like me in your Purpose, gives you a deep and meaningful insight into my life with God and faith, containing a collection of (extremely) personal stories, experiences and useful strategies through the addition of the journal in the book allowing you to identify your own area for growth.

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Hi Guys, I was thinking about change and how you can think your right where you should be, only to realise actually it’s time for a change.  I have always been a person who was open to change, especially if I thought it would help me to grow in one way or another.  The transition hasn’t always been easy, as in some situations I had to really challenge myself.  Let me put it another way, change can sometimes feel like seasons.

I’ll give you an example, for a long time I have wanted to get healthy and be the best version of myself that I can be… So the other day I joined the gym with a friend, as I’m a person who needs to be pushed or it will just stay a plan that never becomes active.

I got all fired up and on the first day was kitted out in my gym wear, feeling good and energised.  Stay with me.. So I started some stretches to warm up, went on the treadmill, slowly making my way around the apparatus.  Finally, I came to the abs machine, because God knows it’s one area I really need to be working on.

In my mind I was like, I’ve got to do 10 reps of 50 and the weight was on 20kg. I know…”Yes” I’m laughing to myself now but at the time, I was like “Let’s do this”.  Everything seemed to be going fine until I got off the apparatus, and suddenly I got a massive tummy spasm, three in fact.   I thought I was going to have a baby and I couldn’t move, as I leaned up against the walk trying to compose myself.  Two guys came up to me and said: “You alright love” in which I responded “Is it supposed to do that” as I tried to style it out. One guy said to me “It’s your body telling you that it working”, and then he went on to say you need to select a lower weight which will allow me to do more reps. That week I was on a mission, going swimming and even working out with a trainer.

Then week two kicked in and the momentum and energy I had, started to decrease, can you relate?  The reason I’m sharing this with you is because in life there are changes that impact our next steps.  It could be that outfit you want to fit in before you go on holiday or an event or that job you’ve always wanted.


Its how you adapt to change that matters, change is inevitable as life forces us to make choices every day, and we have to decide if it will have a positive impact on our lives.  I decided to fix’s up as the journey to my new change may not be easy but it will be worth it in the end.

One message that lingered with me, was to pace myself and be consistent!

So my message to you is to try and embrace change with ease, find your rhythm and push through any uncomfortable moments because that’s what they are moments. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.  I’ll keep you posted about my healthier life journey, Let me know your thoughts, until next time.

Stay blessed Lisa x


Peachy Beachy



Have you ever hoped, dreamed and prayed for something so life-changing. That you could touch it?  Well, this is what’s happening to me right now, the change.  You see for the longest time I have planned, visualised, prayed and believed that I would be living my life with purpose and now it’s a reality.

The day I received the news my heart skipped a beat, my hands raised to the heavens I was internally and externally graceful. Then the reality kicked in, as I took a long breath and started to think about all the people, life experiences, hurts and more importantly joys.  I realised at that moment that this was really real.


I was now moving into the next phase and journey of life. To be totally honest the emotions are so intense I feel like my heart is full and I could burst with rivers of tears. Do you know what I mean?

One of the things I find useful when feeling like this is to pick up a pen, paper and write in my journal this allows me to free that energy, and clear my mind. It also keeps me focussed, you should try it.

  • Invest in a journal, diary or notebook.
  • Find a quiet space, where you will not be disturbed
  • Before you write, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, in then out, then open your eyes.
  • Now write what you re feeling, whatever comes to mind, and only stop when your instinct tells you to stop.

HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? Remember if you have a goal, dream or vision, hold onto it, plan and stay focused. No matter what the temperature of life brings you or negative words people may say to discourage you, say true to you.

Until next time, embrace change with ease and grace.

Lisa x




Hello and welcome to my blog on anxiety.  I am so grateful that you’ve joined me today and I going to discuss and take a deep dive into talking about anxiety and how it can be affecting you and how to know if you’ve got it.   I’m going to talk about the things that can really help you in the process of healing it, and also share my own personal story as well about the practical tools that have helped me heal when I was experiencing anxiety.

Most of all I just want you to know that you are not alone in this and if you are suffering profoundly from anxiety, I just want you to know that it can be healed, Things will get better.  Let’s get started!

To get results it would be good to have a notebook to write down so you can give write down and yourself some actions, remember solo focus is actually the best way for you to concentrate and get all of the nutrients needed for yourself and for your brain and for your spirit, so no multitasking.   Include deadlines so that you see what’s working or not for you and what you have agreed to do.

You could also buddy up with an accountability buddy to support each other on this healing journey.  I am not a doctor, this is only my own personal experience.  If you feel you require more medical advice about the right options for you then I would advise you to do this.  As what may work for me may not be the right choice for you.

I am just sharing my experience with an open heart and hoping it will be useful as you hearing my story knowing that you’re not the only one.  Now that I got that out the way.


What is Anxiety…

I used to deal with anxiety as part of my world many years ago, I didn’t mention it to anyone but it used to debilitate me in a way which stopped me from doing things I really loved and wanted to do.  It can be such a huge issue for so many people.  You may even know of friends or family member who deal with anxiety on a daily basis.  In the UK 1 in 6 adults experience some form of anxiety, this can be due to a phobia, thinking something terrible is going to happen to you.  Some people even experience the fear of losing control or feelings of detachment.

For me it was the fear of losing control, No wanting to make a mistake and what others would think.  Does that sound like you?   This was escalated and triggered by stress, now you might think well this could just mean you’re having a panic attack.  Which can feel a little like anxiety but when you are having a panic attack it more of an intense sensation accompanied by physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, palpitations or pins and needles.

Whereas Anxiety is more psychological, prolonged and affects you in a way that you may avoid certain situations, which you believe increase the anxiety and affect your quality of life.


anixety 2


I love to sing and songwriter in my spare time, but many years ago every time I stepped onto the stage to perform, the anxiety would kick in.  My mind would go blank with my heart beating so fast.  Then my chest would begin to get tight, I would start sweating and my mouth would become dry, anxiety.  The thing is some many people suffer from it but it’s not spoken about like a taboo, suffering in loneliness and silence.

Did you know that those who are highly sensitive, intuitive, teachers, creative minded and business owners are more likely to experience anxiety?  And because of this, we have more adrenaline running through our system than most people.  Excess adrenaline in the system creates anxiety so it absolutely normal to experience anxiety.  It takes time to heal, so the things you can do to help you manage anxiety are:

  1. Eat well –balanced meals.
  2. Get enough sleep (minimum of seven hours, yes Lol seven hours!)
  3. Incorporate exercise in your daily living.
  4. Take deep breaths, Inhaling and exhaling slowly throughout the day when you feel stressed. It works!
  5. Take time out for you, listen to some music, pray about it let god provide. Stepping back from the problem helps clear your mind.

I hope you found this useful? Let me know until next time stay blessed!

Lisa x


Tamela M