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Many road trips are inspired by a desire to find something. The “something” can be external – a new home or ancestral roots. It can also be internal – a search for Happiness, Love, Peace, Desire or the meaning of life. The journey may be long and arduous, or it may be short and fulfilling. When people set out on life’s journey, they might well have no itinerary, no idea of how long their trips might last, or the slightest notion of how to deal with their wanderings.

I started my road trip in March 2011, in the beginning; I was searching for a new life with God as my foundation, new beginnings in the wake of lose. As the adventure continued (and lasted years longer than what was originally anticipated) my purpose and music expanded and evolved. Although we all learn from our experiences the “journey” has become my metaphor for life itself. It’s a positive and energizing way to live, learn and have faith!

Let’s trust this new adventure for 2019! continues to bring Joy, Peace, Happiness and God’s love in abundance.

Thanks for deciding to join my Road trip. Lisa x



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